Who, What, Why

WHO: Woof Seat (now known as Ora Pets) contacted me in the beginning of this year wanting to team up with Max. This was before Willow was on the scene. Naturally, I was ecstatic with the idea because I’ve followed and admired their products for quite some time. To say I was obsessed with their products is a bit of an understatement!

Ora Pets is a Cape Town based company which creates pet products centred around the ease of mobility.

When Tara, founder of Ora Pets, and I got chatting, I realised this would be a collaboration that would set the bar for our future. Something in my gut told me that this was going to be a special partnership from the start. I cannot truly express how kind and passionate Tara has been.

A few days before we officially agreed to partnering with Ora Pets, Willow came into our lives. It was an unexpected but beautiful surprise. However Tara didn’t bargain on supporting TWO dogs in the partnership. This has never hindered her generosity and she has just embraced our family with open arms.

Now that we’re official brand ambassadors for Ora Pets, we’re excited to share our experiences with their products!


WHY: She had me at “momager”. Of course running a pet Instagram account relies on a human manager which Tara so neatly referred to as a momager. Our mutual love for our dogs resonated with me and this was one of the giant signs which led me to believe we were heading in the right direction.

I learned that the reason she started Ora Pets was because of her own pup’s battles with mobility, and her products are clearly designed with purpose which I love. I think what also inspired me was that we are roughly the same age and she has managed to create a successful and thriving business in, at that time, was just 19 months.

WHAT: We started our adventure off with the 3-Step Woof Stairs. These stairs are designed for access to the human’s bed. Yes, you read right. Our household is NOT a fur-free household and we love it that way. Our girls are welcome on any furniture but are trained to know what “off” means. We absolutely adore cuddling as a family on the bed in the early mornings.

With that, the 3 Steps really came in handy as a starting point. We have quite a high bed and sometimes Max only just makes the jump up. Now she gracefully strolls up the Woof Stairs like she owns she them (which she does).

As for Willow, these steps have been a life saver in the early months. We’ll be writing another post about the benefits of Woof Stairs and puppies next time.

Xx Meg


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