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who we are, what we like, and the story of the humans behind the hounds.




Birthday: 24 November 2015

Gotcha Day: 13 January 2016

Nicknames: Maxie Kapaxie, Fluffy Ginger, Puppy Bum, Fluffy, Crazy Ginger, Silly, Mushu

Max is our first dog together as a couple and as adults which is a special and monumental milestone. She came into our lives full force. When we got her she was covered in fleas so much so that the fur on her little body was moving. We spent 3 hours that night successfully plucking off each flea with tweezers. At only 7 weeks old, she was too young to medicate with harsh drugs.

She has a really intense personality and is passionate about the things she likes and dislikes. Getting Max has been the best decision we’ve ever made, although it was more Meg than Carl who made the decision. She has brought us such joy, love, therapy and fulfilment. Not a day goes by where she doesn’t put a smile on our faces. She tests us as pet parents and has given us a new level of appreciation for dogs.


Chasing birds, especially hadedas (big South African bird)

Barking at pretty much anything foreign that moves

Sulking and pouting (literally) when she doesn’t get her way

Yoghurt and cheese

Helping pack the dishwasher i.e. licking it clean

Ear scratches and belly rubs

Playtime at exactly 7am and 5pm

Walkies on the beach

Playtime with her little sister




Birthday: 11 March 2018

Gotcha Day: 11 May 2018

Nicknames: Willow Pillow, Silly Bum, Stinky, Pillow

Willow is a character completely different to Max who was a breeze to raise in comparisson! She inhales her food at a rapid rate, farts us out of a room, snores like a beast… all things we have been privileged enough to live without up until now.

That aside, Willow has brought a new light and level of love and energy to our family. We decided Max needed a friend but what she got was so much more: a little sister, a playmate, an ear biter, toy thief, a companion and a best friend.

We are so besotted with this little girl who is uniquely undersized and has such a huge capacity for love. She has been a fast learner, even impressing her puppy school teachers. We can’t wait to see how she turns out as an adult.


Food. Any food at any time of the day or night. She’s even helped herself to a heap of wasabi and loved it (who knows).

Howling, barking and moaning. She loves to chat, especially when we’re getting dressed in the mornings.

Running full speed into your face.

Chewing on dry grass like the hillbilly she is.

All the cuddles. She will take any opportunity to cuddle up.

Kisses on the nose and lips (much to Dad’s horror)

Fluffy toys, especially ones that squeak


Food. Did we mention food?

Biting Max’s ears and tail

Rough lovies with her big sister.




Can you believe Carl was a cat person before Max? Attrocious, we know.

They met and fell in love at university, and have been married since 2016.

Meg is an in-house graphic and web designer for a property group. The brains behind the operation, her interests include dogs (duh), photography, film, animal rights, and psycho analysing font choices on pretty much anything. She’s a social media and online marketing expert with experience in all things digital. Pretty much an old lady trapped in a 30 year old’s body, her favourite past time includes needlework and crocheting although she’s not very good at either. 

Carl is a small business owner. He creates digital illustrations for artworks, books and marketing material. He is also a tattoo designer for an International tattoo company. His interests revolve around baking, drawing for fun when he’s not drawing for work, Japanese Animation, really bad comedy and saving the whales. He’s recently made the transition from traditional illustration to digital, working mainly on his iPad Pro. He thinks his biggest skill is finding celebrity lookalikes in everyday situations.