We support Spaniel Welfare South Africa.

Although Max and Willow are not rescue dogs, we support rescue and Spaniel Welfare South Africa. We help wherever and whenever we can, and currently perform homechecks for furever homes in the Helderberg area in Cape Town. They are a non-profit organisation that rehabilitates and rehomes spaniels throughout South Africa and do incredible work for the spaniel community in South Africa.

We honour Spaniel Welfare by donating 10% of all our Ear Snoodie sales to them – a product designed specifically for long-eared dogs. With your help, we would love to use our platform to gather as many funds as possible for them.

To make a direct donation:

Spaniel Welfare South Africa NPC

First National Bank

Business Cheque Account

Account Number: 62599673756

Branch Code: 255955

Please use the word :”donation” and your name as reference
NPC number 2016/071164/08

DISCLAIMER: The views of Max + Willow do not reflect those of Spaniel Welfare South Africa.