Our pets are only with us for a short time. It’s a concept I absolutely dread thinking about but it’s a reality I will have to face someday. This is why capturing memories with my girls is so important to me. FlipChap¬†contacted me with the kindest offer of gifting us with our very own handcrafted photo book filled with memories of Max and Willow. Firstly I was taken aback that they had chosen us to gift this to – out of all the beautiful dog accounts on Instagram! Secondly, I nearly kicked myself for not thinking of doing something like this earlier – it’s such a lovely idea.
The process was easygoing for us because they decided they wanted the content of the book to be a surprise, so I left it up to them to choose the photos from our Instagram account. The entire process took about two weeks, from introduction to delivery. I was surprised by the efficiency of the staff. We dealt with a lovely woman named Caroline who kept us updated every step of the way. It took less than a week from completion for the book to actually arrive at our doorstep.
This was the first time I’d had the pleasure of unboxing something that brought me to tears. A flood of nostalgia and pride filled by heart. I was presented with an item that was beautifully and thoughtfully constructed both inside and out. It immediately beheld an utterly invaluable measure to me.
What lay before me was a gorgeous cream faux leather hardcover book with a photo dust jacket packaged in a perfectly fit linen box for safe keeping. The contents included some extras like fridge magnets and bookmarks with photos of the girls. They had trawled our account up to our day 1 posts featuring Max as a tiny little baby up until present day with my baby Willow. Somehow without knowing who I am, they got me.
It really took me back to such a special time in my life and made me proud to flip through the journey I’ve taken with both my girls. This book represents so much more than photos to me. It represents my journey as a dog mom; the paths I’ve taken unknown, the love I never imagined I’d have for a dog, and the lessons I’ve learned and have yet to learn.
Xx Meg
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