The Max + Willow Leash Sleeve is a colour coded alert system designed for you to signify specific health or behavioural issues your dog might have. The aim to to create a visible alert to passers by or people interacting around your dog that they might need special care.

Gone are the days of assuming every dog is friendly and approachable. Some dogs prefer space, others are in training and some look scary but are actually friendly teddy bears who just want a cuddle from a new person. The M+W Leash Sleeve informs and alerts from a distance so people can make educated decisions when around your dog.

It started with a Nervous Dog Leash Sleeve which was designed for our own nervous dog, Willow. Both our dogs have an approachable appearance – fluffy, soft and friendly looking. However, Willow is nervous around new people and does not get on well with other dogs. We needed a system to prevent people and their dogs from approaching us so that we too could enjoy outings and walks without trauma.

PS. Leash Sleeves are NOT an excuse for your dog to be poorly trained or for you to mislabel your dog as a service dog. Every dog deserves adequate training and if they have behavioural problems, a bit more TLC is recommended. Our Leash Sleeves are merely a tool to assist in this process. 

Max and Willow Colour Coded Awareness Leash Sleeves-01
Max and Willow Colour Coded Awareness Leash Sleeves-02