We believe in supporting and assisting local businesses in and around South Africa. The South African pet market is a small one and we aim to uplift it as much as we can while still being involved in the community as customers. We have been extremely privileged to have worked with some incredible brands and have gained a tremendous amount of experience and appreciation for the small and local business industry in doing this.

We have a large community of trusted followers whose relationships have taken years of time and effort to build and sustain.

We value our followers as friends, family and influencers in their own ways. It is really important for us that we maintain a level of respect with our followers which is why we are selective with brands we choose to work.

We believe that what we promote must be a reflection upon us so that we may promote it from the heart. We give it our all and we aim to provide value and trust to our followers by maintaining this ethos.



Reach their targeted audience

Improve their brand image with high quality photographs

Humanise their online presence

Create customer dialogues and drive conversations through storytelling, and sharing real experiences and opinions

Create relatable and personal content for their customers to connect to

Brainstorm and implement creative marketing ideas

Gain experience in working with content creators, a.k.a. influencers: what to expect, achieve and deliver



We provide high quality photographs of your product in use which can be used for your social media content or website images.


We can help boost SEO. We create quality backlinks i.e. getting people to click on your website links in our blog posts ultimately driving more traffic to your website.


We have a growing Instagram following of over 11k whose respect we have earned organically. We are able to run a variety of competition / giveaway campaigns which, depending on your objective, can increase your social media following, drive sales and raise brand awareness.


We have intermediate knowledge and skill in creating fun and short videos of our product experiences. We enjoy creating unboxings, short promotionals, products in action, and educational videos.